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rn program:Online LPN to RN Transition Program Career Benefits

Registered nurses (RNs) are the nurses who have received a diploma or have had degree-level training in nursing (Associate Degree in Nursing). These nurses are therefore licensed by the board of nursing in a state to practice in the field of nursing. Registered nurses do not necessarily have a bachelor's degree in nursing, but you might wonder what difference it makes to have a bachelor's degree. Well, for one, a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science qualification is given way more responsibilities, which means more nursing job opportunities as well as higher salary. This is why more and more RNs these days are aiming to upgrade their qualifications to BSN. This can be done by taking an RN to BSN program.

An RN to BSN program is a transition or bridge program designed to help registered nurses obtain Bachelor of Science degrees. This program includes a uniquely designed curriculum for nursing students who graduated from hospital schools, community colleges and are licensed nurses. An RN to BSN program is offered by various universities in a very flexible and partially online format. This program is not primarily online, though. The beauty of this program is that it can be completed in just 2 semesters. The schedule of classes for this program is also made flexible to let the nursing students maintain employment while they are still completing the program.

Talking of work burdens, another benefit of online LPN to RN transition is likely to be that of reduced workload, because in terms of the healthcare system's reasoning, the Registered Nurse is typically thought of as a 'brain worker' whereas the Licensed Practical Nurse is typically considered a 'physical worker.' The Licensed Practical Nurse will therefore typically have to undertake the most basic healthcare tasks like cleaning and changing patient's bedding, while the registered nurse 'supervises.' Now these tasks, while vocationally rewarding (after all nursing is supposed to be for people with the caring instinct, just like Nightingale), they do tend to be a bit emotionally draining - and it is only fair that a person who does them for a period of time gets someone else to help them as they move higher up the nursing career ladder; which of course is only possible through programs like the online LPN to RN Transition Program.

While the advantages of online higher education are clear, it is also important to understand that some preparation for the BSN license may need to be done offline. After a student successfully finishes with the required coursework, they are then permitted to take the licensing examination. When passed, this examination will give the student the title of BSN. However, there are some employers who prefer experience over education, so students should have some experience when applying for positions that require a BSN. Of course, those RNs who work while gaining their required coursework for a BSN will have the experience necessary to gain excellent job placement once they have finished their BSN coursework.

After all, being a Licensed Practical Nurse typically means being under a more skilled nurse's command, and thereby leaving all decision making on patient's welfare to her - so that your role is simply implementing the decision's made the more skilled nurse. The more skilled nurse, by the way, is typically a Registered Nurse - which you can be, through programs like the Online LPN to RN Transition Program, and with reasonable investments of time and money.

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